Financial Planning is not a Spectator Sport ™

Much like morning dewdrops collect on a leaf, wealth often accumulates a little bit every day over a long period of time. It can be used to nourish a lifestyle or gathered in a pool for later use down the road. When handled with care and consistency, this resource can aid you in overcoming life’s obstacles while seizing life’s opportunities.

Our passion for our work runs deeper than what is typically expected of our industry – and it shows in the deep relationships we build with our clients.

We can help you be proactive in areas of wealth management that are often neglected until a life event occurs and demands an immediate reaction. Rather than be subject to these events, our process helps to anticipate potential concerns and opportunities, providing you with ample time and choice.  Whether you invest for yourself or your organization, we can help you realize your financial goals with solutions customized to your needs.

Not only are we committed to learning about how wealth affects your life, but how it can enrich your future. Our founder, Jim Dew of Dew Wealth Management, best explains the desire of his team:

My path to becoming a financial advisor started in my first career as a High School Math and Physics teacher. I was an educator because I wanted to make a difference and saw the power that comes with sharing knowledge. I left teaching to further help people when they are faced with life’s major decisions. While working for a large securities firm I saw the conflicts that limited my ability to put clients first and give them the most objective advice.

To fulfill my desire to provide meaningful guidance, I started Dew Wealth Management with the mission of providing clients with a trusted advisor who is as invested as they are in planning for a better tomorrow.”